Things to Do

I like this place and could willing waste my time in it.

– Shakespeare

Region Map

We’re finding our favourite spots on our (now regular) trips from Brisbane, through Esk, to the village of Hampton. Also, in the Hampton surrounds. Here are some of them…


Colours of San Cris is a small cafe and gift shop on the New England Highway. Eclectic, yummy food, and overflowing with knick knacks. Small inside tables in seperate rooms full of gifts and lovely spaced-out garden tables.  Amazing gluten free carrot cake.


Cormorant Bay on Wivenhoe Dam is a picnic area. Facilities, heaps of running around space and on the water’s edge.  Though sadly, not dog friendly.  The Cormorant Bay Cafe & Kiosk has home baking and is not expensive. See the link attached to this website.


Julies at the Rectory is a cafe and antique brick-a-brack shop.

Perseverance Hall 2012


Wordwood is technically in Perseverance, but Perseverance is nowhere. All it has is Perseverance Hall, occasionally used by locals for a night out.

Hampton Information Centre 2012


Hampton is our closest civilisation, and luckily for us, has an excellent cafe – Flavours.

Hampton also has the local Tourist Information Office in historic Reushle Cottage.


Lake Cressbrook is another picnic area. It also has camping.  Again, facilities, heaps of running around space and on the water’s edge.  The beach volley ball court comes supplied with balls.  (See the link under ‘Surrounds’.)


Crows Nest has some amazing (unrestored) original buildings and a great community art and craft shop (see the link under ‘Surrounds’).

Lake Cressbrook 2012


The last time we visited Crows Nest National Park we had an amazing encounter with a puggle (baby echidna).  It seemed to be too young to have developed a fear of humans and was sniffing around campsite looking for ants. When I sat down, it was quite happy to wander over and shelter in my shade. It made no objection when Pete picked it up to move it off the road.

The National Park also has a great swimming hole that is easy to walk to.