Fit Out

Our theme for decorating The Nook started with a 1950’s pantry cupboard that we bought in a junk (and I mean junk!) shop. I (that’s Margie) decided to paint it up bright – maybe because Wordwood represents the ‘shiny happy’ me that can’t get much of a showing in my other life. Anyway, that pantry meant we were going retro and colourful.

Our ebay table followed, with some Ikea chairs.

And then, best of all, Pete made a retro style bunk bed adapted from an old plan he found on the internet. See the page ‘Stories’ under the tab ‘Margie’s Snippets’  to read more about the bed and the link to the bed plan under ‘The Nook’.  A wall decal to make us hum Fleetwood Mac at bedtime … sleep easy by my side … completed the bed. It was from Cool Art Vinyl (link attached under ‘The Nook’) – they do any words you want. Our latest project is turn the underside of the upper bunk into a magnet wall for us in the bottom bunk to use for magnet poetry – Lovers and Vampire themed. It occupies evenings in our early to bed lifestyle at Wordwood. Have now added Books to the magnets (May 2014).  Sadly, Pete’s daughter has outgrown the bunk bed, so we have taken the top bunk down (December 2017). This means that we have also taken down the magnetic poetry words. The contented hours playing with the words are passed. The best poems we wrote are recorded in Margie’s Snippets – Stories & Art.

So far we’ve had one other great find.  A ten-seater picnic table  on a hard rubbish pile.  It belonged to the lichen when we picked it up, but after I pressure cleaned, sanded back and re-oiled it is better than new.  We added a Lazy Susan from the West End Markets.

Our (meaning Pete’s) next projects are a trolley for the stove and a kitchen bench made from a couple of old ladders that have been in Pete’s family for three generations.  Here is the trolley. Watch this space for the bench … (no pressure to get on with it Pete!)

No kitchen bench yet (December 2017). We are working on a new idea – a tree bookcase for beside the bed. We harvested and debarked the tree last weekend. We found the perfect already dead-but-not-yet-rotten she-oak so no trees will be harmed in the making. The idea is inspired by a Pinterst picture below. Watch this space for our attempt …

The Nook ‘Kitchen’ January 2012

The Nook ‘Bedroom’ August 2012

The Nook ‘Outside Dining Room’ August 2012


Pete’s Trolley August 2012



The Nook ‘Inside Dining Room’ August 2012


The Nook ‘Bathroom’ August 2012

The Nook ‘Coat Room’ August 2012


The Nook ‘Guest Room’ August 2012

This summer (2015) we created a sanctuary for hot days from an old mosquito net, a pair of she-oak trunks and our swags …


The Nook Veranda Nov 2015

Book tree

Inspiration for our Book Tree from Pinterest