Echidna Meadow

The Nook is in a small meadow that was already cleared when we bought Wordwood. We call it Echinda Meadow because the day we first visted we saw an echidna there – and a few since.

We keep it whipper-snipped, so we have a ‘yard’ area. There are established trees and shrubs around the edges, and lots of native grasses and herbs. We have planted a few grevillea to mark out a section for visting campers and the drive.  Also a pair of white cedars in the hope that one day (maybe in our life time!) they will be picnicing under trees. A fire wheel tree has snuck in as well because it was seedling from the one at my old house at Camp Hill and we love them so much.

We positioned The Nook to make the most of the meadow and the gully falling away from it. A bonus was that it is right under a beautiful Brisbane wattle. It is probably reaching the end of its life, but for now we enjoy it. And the antechinus uses it to enter and exit The Nook.


The Nook August 2013