My own ambition, my deepest and truest ambition, is to find within myself someday, somehow, the ability to do … nothing – and find it enough.

– Edward Abbey


Creepy Crawlies


If you are not spider phobic have a look at these photos taken at The Nook.




This summer we created a sanctuary from the heat and bugs at The Nook.



Bush Picnic 2015 Photos


We’ve finally put up the picnic photos – it has only taken 3 months! You can find them on their own page in the ‘Photo Gallery’. Thanks heaps to Alison Young for taking them all.

Frog Calls

This a Land for Wildlife South East Queensland Facebook post about a recording of frog calls we made at our dam on Wordwood. Click on the sound recording to listen. The next morning our red-bellied black snake, Sir Bernard Black, was swimming in the dam. He stayed out of site underwater for at least 20 minutes. No chance I am swimming in that dam again!


Yellow Robin Chicks

Koala Photos


We captured these photos of a koala going up and down a tree on the wildlife camera.

Koala Arriving 1

Koala Arriving 1

Koala Arriving 2

Koala Arriving 2