Design for the Arbour

We have started to dream about the house we want to build at Wordwood for our retirement (or sooner if Lotto comes in for us!).

Pete has picked the spot – on The Hill, with views and easy access, among the gums and hardly any trees need to be removed.  For now we just go there to sit with a glass of wine and handful of cashews after a day working on weeding or watering.

We have started to collect ideas for the house building.  Some of the ideas are included on this page.

The first design is a place in USA called The Treehouse from the book – David Pearson, Design Your Natural Home (Gaia, 2005). It suits our site – slightly built in at the back and a raised front.  It would suit pressed earth (or similar) combined timber construction. The glass two storey living area is what we want and I (Margie) have always wanted a library/reading room loft!


The second design is a place in the bushy outskirts of Melbourne from the book – Nigel Noyes Sticks Stones Mud Homes (Hardie Grant, 2004). It shows the pressed earth and amongst the trees feeling we like. We can be more open because we don’t get as cold and wet as Melbourne.






Other ideas …

house idea