Land for Wildlife

Have you been driving around less built up areas anywhere in Australia and seen distinctive blue-green- square-on-its-point signs saying ‘Land for Wildlife’?  Wordwood now has one of these signs because we joined the Land for Wildlife program when we bought the property.  (And by the way, Pete works as an officer in program for Brisbane City Council.)

Land for Wildlife is an Australia wide program that was developed in Victoria in 1981. This year it celebrates its 30th anniversary. In South East Queensland, Land for Wildlife is managed by SEQ Catchments and local governments. In the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin catchment, the program is managed by the Queensland Murray-Darling Committee.

Wordwood is in the SEQ catchment but overlaps with the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin catchment, so we are in contact with both program managers. Our local government is the Toowoomba City Council, and unfortunately, they are not very supportive of the program.

Still don’t know what Land for Wildlife is? Not surprised – I have just described the bureaucracy so far!

Land for Wildlife is a conservation program that assists private landowners in protecting, managing and rehabilitating native flora and wildlife. The program encourages private landholders to integrate nature conservation with other land management activities, such as grazing and hobby farming. Land for Wildlife offers advice and opportunities to meet other landowners who are program members. It is voluntary and free to join.

In a nutshell, it a way for landowners to express their choice to manage their properties for conservation and to get some much needed  advice and encouragement from the officers that work in the program at a grassroots level.

See the links to SEQ, QMDC and other Land for Wildlife blogs in this website.  In the pages under the Land for Wildlife tab in this website we talk about our conservation activities.

And if you happen to have any influence with the Toowoomba City Council – tell them it is a great program and they should get behind it.