We have our fair share of weeds. However, one of the things that encouraged us in buying the property was that it is not too weedy, and has lots of really good bush. After many weekends last autum and winter (2012) spent weeding out the few prickly pear and isolated clumps of lantana, those are pretty much gone for now. Swallowing our pride, we developed a method of lantana weeding we call ‘bums-away’. It involves me (that’s Margie) leaning backwards into the lantana, using my weight to bend back the branches so Pete can get in with the clippers. As he cuts I poison the stumps. Not glamorous, but on a sunny winters day, working with Pete, I was quite contented. Look out privet – we are on to you.

After Pete got some information from work about how well splat-a-gunning works on lantana, we had a go using it on some regrowth lantana and smaller clumps we hadn’t yet gotten around to (18 Aug 2013). Man! Is it easier work than ‘bums-away’. Especially when Pete works the splattering and I just walk around spotting! Fingers crossed that it works. Otherwise, battling away at the privet, some of which we have trunk poisioned three times and despair to see re-shooting.

We have done a little bit of revegetation. A bunya pine on one hill, some bottle brush near the dam and creeks, and a few reeds in the dam. The mandatory row of silky oaks and crows ash along our front (road) fence. All doing well. A pair of figs near a creek didn’t survive winter, but we will try again. Most recenty we have planted a pair of white cedars near The Nook to create a sheltered area in summer.

We are resisting the temptation to plant too much garden. We have transplanted a climbing rose that came up by itself in one of the creeks – to cover a dead tree near The Nook. We are shaping out the space around the The Nook with a couple of rows of tropical hybrid grevilleas.


Weeding out Prickly Pear on Wicca Hill August 2012

Weeding out Prickly Pear on Wicca Hill August 2012



Wattle Grove before Privet weeding October 2013



Wattle Grover after privet weeding October 2013