From Pete’s Shed

Thanks Dad!

In mid-August 2012 we added a 3m x 3m shed to our collection. And since it relates to my (that’s Pete) pages here, I guess I can start contributing to Wordwood’s online presence.

We bought the shed online from a company called Cheap Sheds (link under ‘The Nook’). Australian made and at the time we were buying it was the best deal we could find.  It all arrived safe and sound. My Dad and I put it up in just over a day (not counting getting the base organised!) with an occassional hand from my Mum and Margie to balance things.  It was pretty straight forward, although some momentary confusion regarding the roof had us calling for the hacksaw. Fortunately we didn’t have one, so we re-read the instructions instead and fixed our mistake.

So now my brushcutter will no longer have to live on the floor of The Nook. (Margie says ‘yeah’ to that!)

Poor Man’s Slab

Now to talk about the base. A concrete slab was out of the question, not least because we have no power or water tank and are quite a ways from civilisation. Instead, we laid a ‘poor man’s slab’ of crusher dust mixed with cement, stamped-around-on and sprinkled with many a watering can.  It took a few days but is an AOK result.

We laid rubber floor tiles on the base inside the shed, so we have a grit free floor.  Our shed shelves came from the hard rubbish and now our tools, herbicide and other stuff has somewhere to call their own.


Used by Pete but tided by Margie