New photos, etc

Hi All

Lots of updates.

First,  photos added in the ‘Photo Gallery’ – additions to the ‘Pete (& Visitors) Photos’ page and a new page of ‘LFW Open Day Photos’.  Also a photo of one of our bat boxes under ‘Nest Boxes’ in ‘From Pete’s Shed’.

Second, updated ‘Spottings’ under ‘Land For Wildlife’ – some interesting Glossy Black Cockatoo facts.

Third, a new ‘Quote’ under ‘Margie’s Snippets’.

Fourth, a new story under ‘Stories’ in ‘Margie’s Snippets’ – inspired by dreams of retirement.

We are working away on covering the deck and repainting The Nook, so pictures coming soon.

Feel free to leave a comment on this post/blog at the place indicated at the end of this post.

Happy winter,



Rose Robin – Photo by Deb Metters

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