Land for Wildlife Open Day

Hi All

Just a quick post to say thank you to everyone that came and contributed to our LFW Open Day last weekend. As property owners we had a great day. Everyone that came was lovely and it was really interesting to meet people from all stages of the LFW  journey – from starting out facing huge weeding tasks to retiring with a job well done. We are looking forward to catching up again. Special thanks to our speakers – it is always great to listen to someone talk about their passion. We have added 10 birds to our species list thanks to Deb. And we are going to start a guest photo page on this blog because of the great photos people took.

The Hampton Food and Wine festival the next day was a great finish to the weekend. We would mention the best things we ate but it would be too embarrassing because the list is so long :-). It is sort of a perfect world when you can have a LFW property of your own with a great and growing annual food festival just up the road.

Margie & Pete

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