Overdue posting

Hi All

It has been too long since my last post. We have made it to Wordwood a few times, but I never seem to have time to get blogging. Well now…

Pete and I’ve had a few weekends weeding Privet down by Perseverance Creek, starting where we left off last year on the boundary of the property. We have cleared a big area and it now looks like we have much more creek frontage. With this behind us, we can now imagine that it is possible to make the whole property Privet free. Just a few more years!

Have a look at the photo gallery for photos of a few Donkey Orchards that we spotted. Just a couple of small groups, only blooming for a short time.

The most exciting news is that someone has finally moved into one of nestboxes – a tiny, tiny Owlet Nightjar. Have a look at the photo on the Nestboxes page.