Almost Spring

Pete and I have finally started getting up to Wordwood again, after settling into our new house in Ferny Hills.  Two lovely weekends recently.  The weather is superb – the sunny-not-hot-days that make you remember why you live in SE Queensland.

A few hours of working each day. One day, we collected the trees Ergon cut on our easement to make a firewood pile.  A pretty good haul (see below). And we keep the easement tidy and avoid collecting naturally fallen timber taking wildlife homes. Otherwise, weeding.

See updates to the blog – a new page called ‘The Echidna Meadow’ under ‘The Nook’. It has a photo of the fully blooming wattle overhanging the house. A new poem by Margie with photos by Pete on the page ‘Stories’ under ‘Margie’s Snippets’.  An update on the antechinus, birds and echidnas on the page ‘Spottings’ under ‘Land for Wildlife’.  Two new species – the Yellow Thornbill and a new shrub.

Hope you having a good almost Spring,

Margie (& Pete)